Articles: Clinton Unzipped: One of the Worst Presidents Ever

Articles: Clinton Unzipped: One of the Worst Presidents Ever.

June 22, 2011

Clinton Unzipped: One of the Worst Presidents Ever

By Stella Paul

Conventional wisdom has it that Bill Clinton was a flawed man, but a good president.  Let’s blast that claptrap to smithereens with a Fast and Furious AK-47, because Bill Clinton was an unadorned calamity for our national security, and, in all probability, remains one to this day.

In the last week, we learned some piquant facts about Clinton’s associates: First, his wife’s most intimate aide, Huma Abedin, has a Saudi mother and brother who are both prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Glamour girl Abedin accesses our most sensitive national secrets through her longtime, joined-at-the-hip relationship with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  This jihadist penetration into our government’s innermost sanctums is A-OK with Bill Clinton, who risibly presided over Abedin’s wedding to proud pervert Anthony Weiner.

And then there’s Clinton’s former chief of staff, CIA chief Leon Panetta, who we now discover may be hiding a colorful past of Communist entanglements.  Naturally, Panetta’s odd choice of friends proved no impediment to his confirmation as Secretary of Defense; the Senate just unanimously approved him.

This Unholy Trinity in the news  — Weiner, Abedin, and Panetta — brings back memories of the many splendored treacheries of the Clinton years.  It seems just yesterday that Bill and Hill were guzzling down illegal campaign contributions from China and handing them advanced military technology in exchange for cash.  And who can forget the Clintons’ most heinous betrayal of all, which was…what, exactly?

We’ll probably never know because Sandy Berger took care of that.  Remember him?

 “Sandy Burglar” is the light-fingered bandit who served as Clinton’s National Security Advisor and pled guilty to stealing and destroying classified documents from the National Archives.  At Clinton’s behest, Berger was prowling the Archives to prepare testimony for the 9/11 Commission.

By his own admission, Berger secretly stashed classified documents in his socks on multiple occasions, hid them under a construction site trailer, snuck back to retrieve them, and then cut them to shreds.

Purely by accident, of course!

By the way, whatever happened to Sandy Berger?  Maybe he and a certain disgraced ex-congressman can open up a high-end Berger and Weiner stand.

As the country reeled from 9/11 and our national unity crumbled under leftist assaults against the war,Clinton rushed in to help.  Using the unmatched authority of his former office to unite the country,Clinton urged “every American” to see Michael Moore’s steaming pile of enemy propaganda,Farhenheit 9/11.

So what damning secrets were in those documents that Berger risked jail time to destroy?  Opportunities Clinton had to take out bin Laden and rejected?  His malfeasance in handling the Millennium terrorist plot?  Facts about the unanswered bombings under his careless watch: the World Trade Center in 1993, Khobar Towers, the USS Cole, the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and Oklahoma City?  And what else don’t we know about the mysterious downing of TWA Flight 800?

Here’s a Clintonian snake pit we should smack a stick into: after receiving campaign cash, Clintonappointed Abdurahman Alamoudi to select and train Muslim chaplains for the U.S. military. Alamoudi is a charming, industrious man, who, nonetheless, is now serving 23 years in federal prison for Al Qaeda-linked plots.  So far, only one of his protégé chaplains has been arrested for espionage.

The craven media stampeded to Juneau to breathlessly inspect every jot and title of Sarah Palin’s old emails.  All that they discovered is that she’s a God-fearing, hardworking, honorable woman who loves her family and country.

How about a little media curiosity about Bill and Hill’s squalid antics, past and present?  Bill continues to troll the world, vacuuming up unknowable quantities of foreign cash for his foundation, while Hill is perfectly positioned to deliver the quid pro quo in James Madison’s old job, Secretary of State.  And the lovely Huma can quietly broker the deals.

Let me ask you the most basic question: When you see photographs of Hillary and Huma showily whispering together, do you have any confidence about whose side they’re on?  How about when you see Bill yukking it up with various Arab potentates or Vladimir Putin?  You do?  Really?

When pathetic Anthony Weiner committed a complete Twitter-ectomy of his career, the spotlight suddenly turned on his most curious marriage.  A devout Muslim married to a Jew, with no repercussions from the excitable elements back home.  An elegant sylph with expensive tastes married to a dorky jerk on government pay.  And a rushed romance that seemed oddly timed to suggest a deal: the Clintons’ support for Weiner’s New York mayoral ambitions, in exchange for him dousing the growing scrutiny of Hillary’s unusual relationship with her closest aide.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s charter explicitly states its plan to infiltrate the infidels’ highest ranks.  The sad thing is, I don’t think our betters are putting up much of a fight; do you?

Oh well.  Maybe President Palin can order an investigation into how the Muslim Brotherhood penetrated our government.  First witnesses: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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