Blog: Ex-CIA Spy: Obama Administration is delusional, it’s weak, and it’s confused.

Blog: Ex-CIA Spy: Obama Administration is delusional, it’s weak, and it’s confused..

Ex-CIA Spy: Obama Administration is delusional, it’s weak, and it’s confused.

Joshua Lipana

Ex-CIA spy and author of A Time to BetrayReza Kahlili, recently had an excellent interviewin The Objective Standard with Craig Biddle. Kahlili — being that he once was embedded in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard — provided a treasure trove of information.

A little backstory.  Kahlili was initially hopeful about the Iranian revolution that ousted the shah, and he was convinced by a friend to join the Guard.  But his view of the revolution soon changed.  Excerpt from the interview:

Several months later came the seizure of the U.S. Embassy. That was the beginning of my awakening to the fact that the country was not going in the right direction and that a radical minority was taking over…

And then the new government went back on its promise that the clerics would not interfere in government matters… The clerics started enforcing Islamic law, which was not supposed to be part of the new government. Soon Khomeini and other clerics declared that they were representatives of God on Earth and that anybody who opposed them would be regarded as a “moraheb,” an enemy of God, and executed…

I witnessed the torture and the horror that this new regime was inflicting on Iranian citizens. Teenage girls were raped prior to execution — because of the Muslim belief that virgins go to heaven. Boys and girls were tortured in unimaginable ways…

At that time, I began to despise not only the government but also Islam itself, and I was looking for ways to help. I knew something had to be done, and the only thing I could think to do was to go back to America and talk to the American authorities…

Kahlili, in the interview, then talks about making contact with the FBI, which eventually led him to the CIA.

The importance of preventing the Iranian regime from acquiring nuclear weapons is made clear in the interview, not to mention the Obama administration’s incompetent and misguided policy on Iran.  Excerpt:

We lost the biggest opportunity in 2009, when, unfortunately, President Obama was wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, sending letters to Ayatollah Khamenei assuring him that America wouldn’t interfere with Iran’s internal matters, giving the regime the green light to suppress and kill — all with the hopes of negotiations at the October meeting in Geneva…

They now have over a thousand ballistic missiles, including missiles that can hit every capital in Europe, and they’re working with North Korea to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Once they get the bomb, all bets are off. It’s checkmate. They will arm Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Venezuela, and others. Every U.S. ally in the region and throughout the world will be a possible target. Israel will be destroyed. America will either be hit or live in constant fear of it… Whether we help the Iranian people end the regime or whether we take the regime out ourselves, the regime must go — now…

I’m sorry to say that the Obama administration is delusional, it’s weak, and it’s confused. Apparently nobody in the administration understands the consequences of a nuclear-armed Iran. Their dual process of negotiation and sanction has not worked. It has failed — as I predicted in February 2009 in an open letter to President Obama. And now they have thrown in the towel, they have no clue howto deal with events in the Middle East, and the Chinese and the Russians are taking full advantage of this situation.

Considering all that’s at a stake, isn’t it time to demand action?

The Iranian regime must go.


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